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Weekly Productivity Tips for the Pinoy Employee

Nov. 3, 2008

Got assigned to complete a task you hate?  You could:

a)  grin and bear it.  after all, it’s part of your job.

b)  delegate.

c)  offer to share it with someone in return for a future favor where you can also share in his or her unwanted task.  just be prepared, though.

d)  break down the task into smaller tasks and do those instead.  after some time… what do you know?  you’ve done it!

Oct. 28, 2008

Do you frequently go on client visits or deliver stuff to clients, customers and suppliers?  Why not get a small map of your area and tack it on a board next to your computer monitor?  That helps familiarize you with the location.  In case you’re going out during rush hour, you’ll have an idea of which alternate routes to take.

Oct. 20 2008

If you think you’ll be putting a caller on hold for a long time (a minute or so), ask them if they would mind waiting while you find the information they need or if they’d rather you call them back. 

If they want you to give them a call, get their number, promise to call back in 5 to 15 minutes and do so, whether you find the information or not.  It’s the thoughtful thing to do and your client/customer/supplier will appreciate you for it.



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