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Can You Ever Get Personal with Your E-Mails at Work? September 27, 2008

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When it comes to electronic mails, there is a fine line that separates work and personal communications.  In most cases, there are few problems regarding this issue, particularly if you work for a company that doesn’t really mind if you use your company e-mail to receive personal mails.  WZ, a company I used to work with, had this policy.  The IT department just didn’t care how many personal e-mails got sent to its employees as long as the online interaction didn’t interfere with the work.

My next company didn’t feel the same way.  The IT department imposed a strict policy on incoming e-mails from external sources (friends, ex-colleagues, former bosses, classmates, potential employers 🙂 etc.).  They even restricted the size of the files that came in. 

In many ways, it was helpful in that it controlled those cutesy but annoying slideshows running on Powerpoint that inevitably got forwarded endlessly around the office.  It also minimized the risk of our servers getting infected.  Unfortunately, it also left you at the mercy of the IT department.  So how personal is personal?