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Tips for Spending Wisely at Work October 25, 2008

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Unless you have a huge income and plenty of daddy’s money to spend, you definitely should watch your budget.  Inflation rates will routinely drill holes in your pocket and the cost of food, gas and everything else continue to rise.  There really is no reason why you shouldn’t be careful about spending, even now that you have your own source of income – ESPECIALLY now that you have your own source of income.  Here are ways on how to spend wisely at work and make sure you can stretch your paycheck till the next payday:



Should You Lend Money to an Officemate? September 7, 2008

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Money can be a very sensitive issue, particularly among friends and colleagues.  But what happens if money becomes the object of contention between you and a co-worker?  If someone asks you to lend him/her money, should you do it?  What happens if you need that money back – what do you do?  Here’s how to deal with the money question in the Pinoy workplace: