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7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Job (Yes, Your Crappy Job) October 2, 2008

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Could you ever love your job?  Of course, you can.  ‘Love’ in this sense is just a state of mind and what a difference that would make!  Here, I present, are 7 reasons to look at the glass you call a job as half-full. 

1.  It pays the rent.
Okay, so maybe it doesn’t really pay much but at least, you get paid.  Imagine being in the shoes of people who work the bones off their hands but only get paid half or a third of what they were promised.  Sometimes, they don’t even get paid at all.  There are millions of people out there — men, women and children — who are kept under horrendous conditions, made to work long hours (10 to 16, even 20 hours) each day and can never collect their pay.  Got a measly 15-minute coffee break?  That’s vacation, compared to what some people have or more precisely, do not have. 

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a report on modern-day slavery: Human Trafficking – Philippines

And here’s another one: Slavery around the world

2.  The pay sucks?  It’ll give you a great reason to look for another job.
So maybe your boss got you cheap.  Big deal!  Didn’t you sign the contract?  You probably already knew how much you were going to make even before you got hired.  But here’s the thing… the pay may put you on a level a little bit higher than a volunteer but once you’ve learned all you can in your job and are ready to move on, you have a very good alibi to search for the proverbial greener pastures.  Your boss can’t even complain once you hand him your resignation papers.  Imagine this…

Boss: You’re resigning?  Why???
You:   I found another opportunity that offered a better chance at promotions, gives better benefits, better uniform design and a nice window view.  And oh, the pay is a lot better.  If I ever nail the assistant VP job, I could even have stock options.
Boss: But I’ll give you a raise!  Is that what you want?  Is that why you’re leaving? 
You: It’s exactly why I’m leaving.
Boss: I’ll make you an offer you cannot resist.
You: Oh, boss… if only you had said that 10 years ago… but now it’s too late.  I’m packing up my stuff so I could get ready for a turnover.
Boss: B-but…
You: I know, I know.  This must be a should’ve, could’ve moment for you.  Oh, well… life’s funny that way.  So.  Don’t call me, I’ll call you.  As they say in my new employer… ta-ta!  (and you sway out of there)

3.  It gives you experience.
Your job may be crappy but you should still find it in your heart to love it.  Each job you take trains you, provides you with exposure and hones your skills and talents.  I used to hate the job I had which involved plenty of administrative work like filing and document sorting.  A few years later, I realized, all that labeling did teach me to become more organized.

So however worthless, sorry or stressed your job might make you feel, it’s still a valuable source of professional experience.  Otherwise, what would you put on your resume?  Nowhere else will you be able to learn the kind of stuff you’ll learn there.  Think about it: every person who is literate enough could read and understand a how-to guide on building rockets but not everyone can actually fly one. 

So love your job for the hands-on training it gives you… if nothing else.

4.  Your boss might be the spawn of a demon but he will be the one to sign your recommendation papers.
So your boss breathes hellfire.  So?  Isn’t he supposed to?  If you go on believing he/she is supposed to make it easy for you, you’re in the wrong plane of existence, my friend.  Bosses are supposed to be tough.  If they’re too nice, they will be viewed as pushovers and wouldn’t that make it so much easier to tweak their noses.

Instead of cursing your boss, do as you’re told.  After all, that’s why you got hired in the first place.  Your boss may show his appreciation or he may not — it doesn’t matter.  Just do your job.  Someday, when a better opportunity comes and you performed well, he will be more than happy to give you a glowing review on your recommendation letter.

5. Your boss can be your teacher.
If the real reason you hate your job is because of your boss, don’t fall into depression.  ‘All things must pass’, it is said.  Someday, you could get promoted, moved, assigned to a different boss or you could even find a new job.  But right now, just grin and bear it.  Instead of gnashing your teeth at the way your boss treats you and your co-employees, think about all that you could learn from him. 

Remember that your boss got to where he is because he learned more things before you.  And he probably knows way more than you do, more than you give him credit for.  Learn from him, take note of any words of wisdom he can teach you.  Identify the characteristics that make him a success so you, too, can use these qualities to your advantage.  Just make sure someday, when you’re boss, you don’t emulate whatever bad attitude this boss showed you.  Don’t become what you hate.

6.  Your co-employees may make a hell out of your little cubicle but they can teach you a thing or two about survival.
Your high school teachers probably warned you about ‘the real world’.  Well, THIS is the real world.  That job of yours, those people working with you… they are part of the real world.  No matter how badly your co-workers might treat you, learn to cope.  Nobody said they’d make it easy for you.  You wish… but hey, some people are just born mean.  So learn to survive.  Natural selection is not really for the tough — it’s for people who know how to adapt.

7.  The elevator may get stuck once in a while but at least it gets you where you’re going.
There are a lot of stuff at work that seem to conspire to make life (and your job) crappy.  The elevator is just one of them.  It’s late when you need to get to the office quick, it’s full when you need to get off, it doesn’t go down/up as fast as you want it to and, if you worked in the same building as I did, it’ll open its doors just when it’s stuck between floors (Oh, hey, is that the 7th floor?  AND the 8th floor as well!  Geez, I didn’t know the flooring for each floor is only THAT thick).

So guys, look at the bright side.  There’s always one.  Just know that you don’t have to be stuck in that crappy job for the rest of your natural life.  You’ll have choices.  You may not have a lot now, maybe because you’re a newbie, are still earning your credits and experience and may not have sufficient qualifications.  But someday, you will.  Each job has something to teach you.  Someday, you’ll be able to look back on your job and thank yourself for taking it.



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