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Questions You Should Ask Your Employer During a Job Interview September 11, 2008

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During a job interview, the employer will usually let you ask questions about the job and the company.  This is so you can get to know the job opening better and learn more about their organization.  When offered this opportunity, don’t miss out.  Below are some of the questions you might want to ask during a job interview.  Pick out the ones that you can use and rephrase them to suit your purpose.  Just make sure you’re asking a question that hasn’t been answered yet or the interviewer will think you weren’t listening.

Why is this job position open?  or Why are you hiring for this position?  (This should let you know if the job opening is new or has to be filled.  You’ll also learn what happened to the person who held the job before – promoted, moved, kicked out, fired, sent for psychiatric treatment, etc.)

What kinds of tasks are required for this job?  (Again, ask this question only if it hasn’t been addressed during the interview.)

What is the reporting relationship of this position?  (This is so you’ll know who your boss/es will be and who you will work with.)

What would you prefer the new hiree should do to perform well in this position?  (This should help you find out what the management wants you to do differently, in case you get hired.)

What are the most important tasks that you want to be completed in say, the next three months?

What are the most difficult challenges or problems that are associated with this position?

What kind of support can be expected for this position in terms of manpower, budget, equipment, etc.?

What kind of improvements do you want to see in this department?

How is the performance in this job measured?  Who measures it?  How often?

How do you think a person with my qualifications/skills/training will fit in your organization?

When do you want this position filled?  Are you considering other people for this job?  If yes, how many? 

What is the management style of the company?

What types of employees fit the company well?

What are the most important abilities, skills and qualifications for this job?

What kind of trainings/workshops/seminars does the company offer for this department and how often?

What types of advancement opportunities does this position offer?

What do you consider are your main strengths?  or What makes this company successful?

Who are your main competitors?

How have you performed in the market in the last few years and how do you plan to perform (even) better?

What are the company’s plans for the next 5, 10 or 15 years and what will be the role of this department?



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