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8 Reasons Why You Missed Getting that Promotion August 22, 2008

Posted by dapinoyemployee in Da Pinoy Employee.

When you’re an employee, there are several things that you’ll be yearning for at the end of a certain period other than your paycheck and leaves earned.  There’s also the promotion.  A step up the rung of the corporate ladder is a dream for many.  After all, why work so hard if you can’t be rewarded for a job well done?  But if the promotion you had anticipated was given to somebody else, don’t just blame it on bad management.  Here, in no particular order, are 7 reasons why you didn’t get that promotion you felt you so richly deserved:

You’re an unreliable employee.You’re always late, you don’t deliver on your promises, you can’t keep secrets, you’re lazy, you always have an alibi for your bad performance and you’ve had several customer complaints under your belt — all of them legitimate.  Being an employee who can’t be trusted is a classic promotion killer.  If your company is already having problems with you now, imagine the kind of headaches you will be giving them if they promoted you.

You haven’t grown in the job you got hired for.
Stagnation can stop a promotion very effectively.  If your boss doesn’t see any improvements in your performance or if you don’t prove to be the type who can expand your skills and become a leader, kiss that promotion goodbye.

You’re a tough person to work with.
Your bosses are always on the lookout for a teamplayer.  That means, you’ll have to be cooperative, work well as a leader AND as a follower and are capable of contributing positively to a group effort. 

If you’re the type who likes to rock the boat just for the sake of being different, save it for when you are already the owner of your own company.   In most corporate environments, you’re better off being a functional piece than a huge part of the puzzle that wouldn’t fit.

You’re an invisible entity.
If you’re the shy type, rely on a miracle to get you that promotion.  People who tend to hide from the eyes of the management don’t get noticed for advancements.  If you want to get your name on the list for ‘promotionables’, volunteer for programs and company parties, become a visible entity for committees and don’t be afraid to let your ideas be known.  Just make sure they’re feasible or they’ll get you in the spotlight in the wrong way.

People don’t like you.
If you have enemies in the office, expect your promotion to be a little difficult to obtain.  People who dislike you for one reason or another are likely to try to make progress in your job an uphill climb.  They’ll try to sabotage you or refuse to cooperate.  If this happens, expect your bid for your dream promotion to take a long while to realize.

You’re actually quite the perfect fit for the job you already have.
It may be hard to accept but you may not be getting the promotion simply because you’re so great in the position you’re currently holding.  If your boss loves your performance as his assistant, for example, he may not want to get you replaced because you’re doing so well. 

It would help if you have made your intentions known right from the start or at least in the middle of your stint.  Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a job where you have little hope for the kind of growth you want.

Your bark is way worse than your bite.
When employers look for someone to promote, they will always turn to an employee’s past performance.  How you fared for the last 6, 12 or 18 months on your job will matter. 

Did you make a difference in your department like you said you would?  Did something improve when you came along?  Have you made things faster, more convenient, efficient or just generally better at your department?  Do you consistently meet your targets?

There isn’t much room for growth in your company.
Some organizations are just not natural environments for promotions.  These include:

– organizations that are too small or have a nearly flat hierarchy
– companies suffering from difficult finances
– companies with low turnover rates
– companies with very little opportunities for advancement

If you belong to any of these organizations, don’t put your hopes too high on a promotion.  However, don’t look for greener pastures just yet.  You may not get the designation or title that you want but you’re probably receiving better compensation, benefits or perks — stuff you might not always get if you jumped ship.



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