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Top Ten Things to Look for in a Dream Job July 5, 2008

Posted by dapinoyemployee in Jobhunting Pinoy Style.
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How do you know if you’ve found The One?  The Job, that is.  Here are 10 things that let you know you’re in the right place, doing the right things at the right moment with the right people:

1. You’re doing something that makes you feel good about yourself.
2. You learn new things and still get a chance to develop your talents, skills and abilities.
3. You feel that you’re accomplishing something worthwhile.
4. There are opportunities for moving up.
5. You have the chance to do what you do best.
6. You have job security.  You know the company is growing, there is no talk of mass firing or closure and your job is not a dead end.
7. You work with terrific people.  Even if your boss is scary, you feel you can learn from him or her.
8. You get challenged constantly.  You never get stuck doing something mundane and unproductive.
9. You get rewarded for what you do.  And the pay isn’t so bad either.  Even if it’s not a lot, you know your work circumstances will improve.
10. You get respect for what you do and your contribution is recognized.

Do you have a criteria for your dream job?  Share it here.



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