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Things You Should Never Do During An Interview July 5, 2008

Posted by dapinoyemployee in Handling Interviews.
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The interview is your chance to show a prospective employer that you are exactly what they are looking for. Don’t throw away a good opportunity by avoiding these common mistakes:

-Flatter the interviewer.
Even if you truly think the belt or shoes he/she is wearing is fantabulous, don’t say a word about it. Even if you’re being sincere, you’ll sound like you’re making sipsip and that doesn’t sound good.

– Ask what the company does.
That’s your job to find out. Unless of course, it’s a start-up. When you’re looking for a job, ignorance is never bliss.

– Criticize the company.
Even if you think the décor is baduy, shut your mouth. You think the company slogan is hilarious or that the mission statement is corny? Don’t say it. There is a time and place to make your contributions and the interview isn’t it. Unless…

You are asked for your opinion. Some employers like to get a feel of how fast you can process data and come up with great ideas. It will show your creativity and initiative. If you are asked to do this, pause and consider the question well. Employers do not like impulsiveness. Think everything over and then present your case. But…

Practice politeness and discretion. Being taklesa will not be a good first impression.

– Complain about how long you had to wait before being called in.
So maybe your interviewer asked you to show up at 8:30 and you got interviewed two hours later. Don’t show your annoyance by making a long face and telling your prospective employer how inconvenienced you were. Just suck it in like extra fat on your stomach and do your best in the interview.

– Be rude.
Show class all the way, even if the hiring manager, owner or clerk is rude to you. Rudeness is a sign of immaturity and rude people are usually more difficult for other employees to deal with. Let others be rude – you’re not going down to their level.

– Badmouth your former boss or company.
So maybe you didn’t get paid well enough or your boss was a total ass, but that’s not for you to broadcast. Are you looking for a new job because the pay isn’t good? Don’t say, ‘Barat kasi yung boss ko, e.‘ Just say something neutral but truthful, like, ‘I’m looking for a more challenging job, something that will provide pay that is commensurate to what I can offer.’

– Come on sexually to the interviewer.
I once interviewed a guy who declared that all men and women have an inherent attraction for one another. And then, gestured to himself and to me and said that we had that attraction. Instead of laughing out loud, I just said simply, ‘You think so? to which he nodded and said yes. It wasn’t awkward for me but it sure as hell was funny because it was so far from the truth.

Sexual attraction is real but using it to get the edge might backfire. Don’t do this, not even as a joke. It’s crass and it cheapens you. It also makes the interviewer uncomfortable, mainly because they’re wondering why in India you had to insinuate such and such. Best rely on your qualifications.

– Come stinking like an unwashed pig.
So maybe you got caught in traffic and were unfortunate enough to be bombarded by smoke from other cars or if you’re in an area where trucks loaded with pigs and chickens are allowed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., you’ll probably get out of that elevator with an interesting scent.

What to do? Come early. Being at least half an hour early is a good thing because it gives you enough time to fix your hair or brush the dust off your shirt. It will also help you review your notes or even find out a little bit about the company from the receptionist or the applicants who came before you. You will be made to wait, but that’s how it is.



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