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Are You Shortlist Material? Top Qualifications You Should Have to Get Hired July 5, 2008

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Ever heard of shortlisting? For employers, this means whittling away at the unwanted candidates to get to the more desirable. This usually happens after the preliminary interview. If there are 20 candidates, for example, and the employer has interviewed them all, they should have an idea which ones they wish to call back, usually for a second interview (with the HR head, the General Manager, the Boss, etc.). This shorter list of candidates is called… well, a shortlist. This is also the list from which the person who gets hired will be chosen. Ever wondered what qualities and qualifications you should have to join this list? Read on.

Good academic training and background
Don’t get me wrong. Employers don’t necessarily prefer geniuses or Honor Society members only. However, they want to see good grades. Why? Good or fair grades are often reflective of someone who works hard at school, which means you have ambition and discipline. Make sure to mention those scholarships and commendations you’ve received in your resume.

Grades in certain school subjects also matter for specific jobs. If you’re applying for a position as a biologist, for example, the hiring officer will wonder if you’re the right person for the job if your grades show you flunked the mid-terms in your Biology electives.

I once interviewed for a position in a bank and the general manager grilled me about my low grades in Algebra and Business Math. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

If you don’t have the fine grades that employers find desirable, at least make up for it in your extra-curricular activities. Sure, membership in the dance troupe means you’re ready for a big part in your office Christmas party but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a highly desirable hire.

Highlight memberships in socio-civic organizations or if you’ve done volunteer work before, add this to your resume. Employers want employees who can socialize and make relevant contributions beyond school and if everything goes well, maybe even work. Let them know there’s more to you beneath the surface.

Hired by a reputable company
Having worked with an established and reputable company tells the employer that you are an asset and will be a valuable acquisition. Reputable companies are known for being choosy about their hires so if you’ve ever worked for one or several, add one point to your score.

strong>Got promoted from the ranks
Add another point to your score if most of the movements you’ve experienced with your previous employers were the result of promotions instead of just transfers or salary increases. You’ll also be more attractive as a hiree if you once started from rank and file and then rose from there. This shows your prospective employer that you are capable of improving.

You have no ‘tipaklong’ mentalityApplicants who change employers the way they would channels on cable TV raise a red flag to employers. This shows a lack of stability, loyalty and persistence – qualities most employers value in their would-be employees. If for some reason you’ve worked with 8 employers for the past two years, you better have a good reason for it.

Highly recommended by your past employers
Employers will want to know what you were like as an employee to other companies. If you come with high (or at least good) recommendations, you could get that second call.

No past troubles or criminal record
Your employers just want to hire someone for the job and would rather not deal with a future liability. This is why they ask you to get your police and NBI clearances.

Not a leader of the union
Yup, it matters to employers if you’ve been a member of the union in your past employments. It’s even worse if you’ve been a union leader before. This is true especially if the company you’re eyeing as your next employer is already unionized. Imagine what you would look like to a non-unionized company.

Most employers are wary of union members and leaders. Although this may seem discriminatory, this is a fact of employment. Many of the unions started in once non-unionized companies were initiated by new employees who were union members before.

Most employers don’t appreciate this ‘infiltration’ and would rather hire someone who won’t ‘rock the boat’, so to speak. It’s not the end of the road for you if you were part of a union in the past but just so you know, it could take a few points off your high marks.

Did you work overseas?
If you have experience working abroad, it’s a good indication of your employability if you completed your contract without any problems.

Must show good to excellent contribution as an employee
So what did you do in your past job? When employers ask you this, they don’t just want to hear about your job description – they also want to know how well you did your job and what you’ve done to make your department more efficient and cost-effective.

So do you think you can make it to the shortlist? If you have low marks right now, don’t worry. Work smarter on the job you have now to improve your future employability. If you’re still a student, work harder. Work is not a destination – it’s your investment for your future. Start today.



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